Exploring the Possibilities of Fashion and Embroidery

HMR Textiles, a well-reputed embroidery-manufacturing unit based in Pakistan, proudly expands into the B2B market as a textile manufacturer and exporter by entertaining embroidery services and artisan craftwork with an impressive history of delivering premium embroidery services, in comparison, adhering to its core values of honesty, customer satisfaction, and a desire for superiority. Our goal is to become an international leader in embroidery by leaving a lasting impression on the fashion industry.

Evaluating Embroidery Into Artistry

Our extensive embroidery services cover a diverse range of unique styles and techniques. Through the hands of HMR’s skilled artisans, we transform ordinary fabrics into stunning masterpieces with the touch of embroidery.

Protray imaginations into shape

Capturing and channeling the imagination into shapes with a creative approach and thoughtful insight requires an eye for detail and attention to every taste to create an appealing design. With this mindset, our artisans carefully craft every piece of embroidery, turning imagination into artistry on fabric.

Fusion of Threads

The fabric is made into a finished product by combining threads with sewing techniques. Our skilled artisans create capitative designs and patterns that resonate with sophistication. With an eye for detail in stitching, we ensure every piece is a stunning masterpiece.

Fusion of Art

HMR printing solutions enhance the visual appeal by adding a modern touch to our embroidery services. We use cutting-edge printing techniques to fuse the fabrics with pleasing colours. Our printing techniques ensure that the final product blends art and uniqueness.

Adding a touch of Elegance to Women's Clothing

HMR Textile takes pride in offering premium quality embroidery services for women's appraisal that lend sophistication to every piece. Our expert-skilled artisans pour their hearts into producing exquisite designs that reflect their dedication and passion for the trade. You can count on us to enhance your clothing with our magnificent embroidery work.
Female colorful clothing set of on the racks in clothing store b

Diverse Services Offered By HMR Textile

HMR Textile takes pride in demonstrating our global client's diverse services. Our services include handcrafted embroidery, chenille embroidery, advanced needlework, sequin embroidery, multi-head embroidery, and personalised digitising and stitching. Whether we provide you with our premium-quality fabric or you provide it to us, everything is tailored to each client's specific requirements and preferences. We aim to provide every client with a convenient and satisfying experience, regardless of location.
  • Handcrafted Embroidery
  • Chenille Embroidery: Three dimensional machine
  • Advanced needlework
  • Sequin Embroidery
  • Multi-head embroidery
  • Personalised Digitising